GOT STRESS & ANXIETY?! DoTERRA has a natural solution!

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GOT STRESS & ANXIETY?! DoTERRA has a natural solution!

Most people underestimate the detriment of stress, even though we hear it is the biggest silent killer. In our DNA ancestry we have a mechanism for survival called fight or flight. This was intended to give us superhuman energy in the event we needed to survive in nature. Nowadays we don’t have to run away from a lien for survival. But we end up in the fight or flight response sometimes all day long, sometimes for days, sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months, or sometimes for years! When we are in fight or flight, there our stress hormones released into her bloodstream that shut down all other systems from functioning optimally so that we can be superhuman in those moments. Our cellular balance is in disarray during fight or flight. And many people remain in that state which is the breeding ground for disease.

doTERRA’s Balance essential oil blend is a “reset button” and doTERRA’s Serenity essential oil blend sets the dial to “calm”

dōTERRA Balance Grounding Blend
Studies have actually shown Balance to inhibit the release of the stress hormone cortisol.
We are closely connected to the plant kingdom. Trees are grounded, and their oils can ground us too. (Great opening sentence/concept as it sets the theme of using nature to heal)

DoTERRA’s Grounding Blend, appropriately named Balance, promotes tranquility while bringing
harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions.
The warm, woody aroma of Balance creates a sense of calm and wellbeing. A perfect blend of
Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile offers an enticing fragrance
that promotes tranquility and relaxation.
Spruce, one of the oils in Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual
reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body. Ho Wood, Blue Tansy,
and Blue Chamomile can ease anxious feelings, while Frankincense provides a grounding,
balancing effect on emotions.

How to use:
Begin your day by putting Balance on the bottoms of the feet to promote feelings of calmness
and tranquility throughout the day. Use as needed throughout the day on pulse points and/or
back of the neck. Inhale directly or diffuse as well.

dōTERRA Serenity Restful Blend
Promotes relaxation and a restful sleeping environment
Lessens feelings of tension and calms emotions
Calms the mind and soothes the senses
Lavender, Cedarwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, vanilla
Bean, Hawaiian Sandalwood
dōTERRA Serenity combines essential oils renowned for their ability to lessen feelings of
tension, calm emotions, and support a restful night's sleep.
How to use:
Aromatically: apply 1-2 drops to the hands and inhale or diffuse throughout the day. Diffuse at
night to support a restful night's sleep, and help quiet a restless baby or child.
Topically: apply to bottoms of the feet, pulse points, and/or back of the neck

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