Orgone tensor Phone/ Tablet/ Computer Protector

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Safeguard your electronics from harmful EMFs & RFs with our hand-made art made with integrity, juiciness & love. We are passionate about protecting living beings from harmful electromagnetic frequencies & enhancing their quality of life. You can trust that our Orgonite is genuine, unlike much orgone-Not that is being sold under the guise of protective. Ra-mu cubit hammered tensor ring  14 g copper wire is around orgone mixture   


A Tensor-Ring is an infinite source of energy, which is neither electric nor magnetic. The energy produced by the Tensor ring is healing for all life forms on earth.

It is a super conductor that neutralizes magnetic fields. It brings tranquility and stability to chaos, and very easily stabilizes the bio-magnetic energy fields of the body. The Tensor field produces a measurable earth / gravity effect.

Orgonite neutralizes EMF radiation
Clears negative energy
Aids in meditation
Supports restful sleep
Enhances lucid dreaming
Relieves stress
Purifies the area
Can detoxify water
Helps with plant growth
Increases energy
Balances moods
Helps with spiritual and psychological growth
Helps with resistance to ill health or to improve it

This Orgonite protector includes a durable 3M sticker placed on the back. Place on your phone, computer, or tablet to significantly reduce the electromagnetic radiation & enhance well being.