Clarity of Thought Calming Necklace

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Aqua Jasper is a calming stone that brings inner peace and clarity of thought. ... A great nurturing stone, it aids emotional healing and it can be used to ease worry, fear and depression. Aqua Jasper brings protection, absorbs negative energy and aligns physical and mental bodies.

Aqua Jasper is a stone with a lovely vibration that will kindle joyous feelings and bring peace and harmony to your ear. The lovely energy of this stone establishes a connection between the etheric body, known as the light body and the physical body, and stimulates healing on both levels.


    Releases inhibitions

    Promotes spiritual attunement

    Stimulates romantic love

    Known as an efficient healer

    A protective stone – Used for Amulets

    Enhances intuition and meditation

    Dispels negative energy

    Clears electromagnetic smog

    Balances and aligns all the Chakras

    An empathetic and balancing stone

    Stabilizes mood swings and brings inner calm

    Excellent to use for depression, exhaustion or panic attacks